Praise for The Bridge to Home:

Jordan’s unique storytelling and beautiful language swept me along on a mystical journey to home, and to the heart of these women I came to love.
– KATHRYN MAGENDIE, Amazon best-selling author of Tender Graces, Secret Graces, Family Graces, Sweetie and The Lightning Charmer.

“The Bridge To Home is a beautiful reminder of our sacred stories and how connected we all truly are. Well-written and engaging, these characters reflect our own journeys of love, loss, dreams remembered. as well as our own personal magic.  It is a pleasure to read this page-turner, while also being good medicine for the soul.”
– BLOOM POST, Author of Shaman’s Toolbox: PracticalTools for Powerful Transformation

There comes a time when you have to lose your life in order to find it. 
Jane May Gideon’s life has been turned upside down. Divorced and estranged from her only child, she wants a retreat from her mundane reality. Seeking peace and solace she quickly finds more than she bargained for in a sleepy little hamlet in the Smoky Mountains. Set against the verdant backdrop of the Southern Appalachians, The Bridge to Home finds Jane May embarking on an unexpected journey. A journey that will take her from the top of a mountain through the unexplored depths of her soul. A journey that will take her home.
An angry young woman and her little boy who has a special way with animals, a kind but tortured old man with a shocking secret, the proprietor of a strange arcane shop, and a mysterious medicine woman will all play their parts in guiding Jane onto a path that she never suspected she would find.

Praise for We End In Joy:

“We End in Joy is a deeply personal and beautifully written memoir―a thoroughly engaging glimpse into a fascinating first family of Mississippi.”
―Jill Conner Browne, THE Sweet Potato Queen and Multiple #1 NY Times Bestselling Author―from Mississippi

“Angela Fordice Jordan’s frankly astonishing book about her family’s odyssey in Mississippi politics is at the core an honest portrait of a complicated family. The book offers keen insights into former Governor Kirk Fordice’s driven, outsized personal and political style, but it is the focus on Pat Fordice’s pivotal role as matriarch of the Fordice clan that is most rewarding and intriguing. Angela makes the reader share her hard walk through the valley of humiliation and anguish, yet that sad journey ends at a curious destination of redemption and hope.”
―Sid Salter

We End in Joy: Memoirs of a First Daughter offers an extraordinary perspective on public life in an intimate account from the daughter of a highly controversial southern governor and a widely beloved first lady.

Angela Jordan enjoyed a comfortable and quiet life in Vicksburg, the small southern town in which she was reared. She was a thirty-five-year-old mother of three daughters, and a woman with a politically liberal bent, when, against all history’s odds, Mississippians elected her conservative Republican father, Kirk Fordice, governor in 1991.

Suddenly fate threw the whole Fordice family into the glaring lights of public life. They made headlines, enlivened the 6 o’clock television news, and provided fodder for every dinner table conversation and robust political speculation around the Southeast. As the Governor and First Lady Fordices’ longstanding marriage dissolved slowly and publicly over two terms in office, everyone with a newspaper subscription or a cable connection watched the train wreck and high-profile betrayals.

In honest, direct, sometimes poignant, and often funny prose, the author offers a rare glimpse into a profoundly complex family and its painfully public fall from grace. Though the book is the story behind the headlines of one of Mississippi’s prominent families, Jordan’s narrative will also resonate with anyone who has experienced humiliation, divorce, or loss, whether public or private. Through it all, Jordan finds a story of joy ascendant, and the wonder of discovering that in the deepest sorrow, light and love always shine through.